Dining Room Chairs

The art that goes into reupholstering a chair can be very therapeutic for some people.

However reupholstering a set of 4, 6 , 8 or even 10 dining room chairs is very delicate because all the chairs must be exactly alike.

Bay Decorators takes over 30 years of experience to every dining room chair project we encounter.

One would say it's difficult enough to get just one chair right, but imagine having to get all your chairs to look exactly the same.

Only a highly experienced team with many years of experience could take such a challenge on and we at Bay Decorators welcome such a responsibility.

We'll make a trip to your home and evaluate your specific project with you there. Together we will come up with a plan that you are happy with.

We' de love the opportunity to share in your upholstery project. Call us today...

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